Writer: Jan Potter

 Recent news articles have complained of recent marketing trends by the tobacco marketing women and girls. The cigarettes come packaged in an attractive and enticing pink package. This is not new, but every year, it appears that tobacco companies spend more and more money trying to draw in new smokers with these attractive packages. 

For years, many people were upset by candy cigarettes that were sold to children as “pretend.” These have almost disappeared in many markets, but there is a new problem though and that is the marketing of tobacco “drops” or other products that look exactly like candy. Parent may not even realize that the package contains a tobacco product because of its appearance. The marketing of this “candy” and other related products is considered very dangerous for children because of the friendly appeal of the packaging. This kind of product comes as small “candy” sized pieces, as “film” strips, or as toothpick sized sticks.

Another product that has been around for several years is the tobacco “snus” (which rhymes with goose). Snus generally contain more nicotine than a cigarette but some consider them safer because they are not inhaled. They are, however, addictive. The snus is a small packet of tobacco powder meant to be put under the tongue. It is believed that they are dangerous because of the impact of the tobacco on the body. It might not mean lung cancer, but there is the danger of cancer of the mouth, tongue, or palate.

Tobacco is the number one preventable cause of death in the world.