• 12/11/2007
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Paul Turenne
  • WinnipegSun.com

A St. Malo man who had his case championed by a Manitoba MLA got a call for a medical appointment the day his situation was brought up during question period.

Earlier this week, Tory MLA Mavis Taillieu asked the health minister why a St. Malo man who has lived the past year without teeth has to wait for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to hire a new orthodontic surgeon.

The man lost his teeth as a result of oral cancer and needs to be sized for dentures, but has been denied treatment in Edmonton even though the position of Winnipeg’s only public orthodontic surgeon remains vacant.

Health Minister Theresa Oswald said she would look into the case.

“Interestingly enough he got a call that day to say his (treatment) would be on,” said Taillieu. “He thanked me for raising it in the house. I don’t believe his call was a coincidence. I think (the man) would still be waiting if I hadn’t raised it.”

Taillieu said that is not right.

“To me this is health care by crisis one case at a time,” she said. “All of a sudden (Oswald) had to take some action because this came out in public.”

“I don’t think we should have to address this in the house for people to get some service,” said Taillieu.

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