• 12/29/2003
  • Newport Beach
  • Orange Coast Magazine

The Oral Cancer Foundation and its founder Brian Hill appeared in the magazines first issue of 2004, one whose articles are dedicated to health issues. The article detailed Hill’s battle with oral cancer and his formation of the foundation to help bring awareness to the disease. When asked about the article, Mr. Hill commented “that every opportunity to tell the oral cancer story is a valuable one, since such a large portion of the American population hears little of it, the risk factors for it, or the warning signs that they might actually have it. I am grateful to the publishers for considering OCF worthy of inclusion in its prestigious magazine. With it’s large circulation, the potential to raise awareness within the ranks of its readership is high.” This year alone oral cancer in the US will be newly diagnosed in over 30,000 individuals, and one person every hour of every day of the year will die from it. The foundation states that through early detection and public awareness, this extraordinarily high death rate can be drastically reduced.

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